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@Zeneca_33 #Bees because of their killer utility already in place.

I can not wait for the #BEES NFT to drop!!! This group will change the future of game if #Gamification!! I hope everyone can get in early and take advantage. #BUZZ…

A few bee facts you might not know and the hidden benefits of bees… #bee #bees

Another reason why it's important not to harm a swarm of #bees is b/c that is the future of a colony Dr Thomas Seeley

Ok so doing this made me beg the question what makes a meme... I thought the first one after my selfie works as a meme but just in case I added one I know is a meme!!! Regardless I am what I attention. #ADHD #anxiety #castiel #bees #sexjokes

A honeybee will flap its wings about 11,400 times per minute creating the "buzz" that you hear. #bees

#Quran And yr #Lord ( #Allah ) inspired the #bees Make your homes in the #mountains the #trees & in what people construct & Then eat of all fruits & follow the ways of thy #Lord From its belly comes forth a syrup of different colors which contains a healing for mankind 16:68-69

These #bees are European Honey Bees (Apis mellifera). This colony was observed by #EntSocVic member Rod Lowther near Geelong, VIC, AU. The genus name Apis is Latin for "bee", and mellifera is the Latin for "honey-bearing" referring to the species' production of honey. #insects

The only reason that would (almost) make me regret I'll be living here, in Italy, a few more months is that this book (preordered back in 2019) has just arrived at my house... in California! 🙄😅 Oh well... let's keep waiting a bit more 🤷🏼‍♀️ #outlander9 #bees @Writer_DG

@Writer_DG Thank you for my favorite fictional world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading #GoTellTheBeesThatIAmGone You were right about needing #tissues! The book is amazing & absolutely beautiful. Had to order USA & UK versions. Which do you prefer? #FavoriteAuthor #Bees

Sooo now that Bees is in our hands…. Who else is getting really stoked to read @Writer_DG s final Outlander novel? 🤚 Any guesses on how this all ends? And Diana, no hurries on that last one. I’m stoked but also dreading it! #gotellthebees #bees #Outlander

I am all abuzz. My bees are arriving today. With this act I complete my transition into urban homesteader cliche. Please feel free to contribute your best bee pub below (but beehive). #bees #beesknees #ohhoney

Look at this unbeelievably cute bee iris glass rhinestone necklace! It dates from the 1950s and features extremely sparkly Czech crystals. Who wouldn't want to wear a string of crystal bees?! #vintagestyle #bees 🐝🐝🐝

Early Christmas present to myself from @Abelo it definitely feels like the best quality smoker I have had before. I can’t wait to try it out next year 🐝 🐝 🎅 🎅🐝🐝🎅🎅 #beekeeping #bees #honey #hive

New #railway station & #art - #Worcestershire Parkway, #Worcester Beautiful bright colourful #MuralArt by Alice Baker 👇for a foggy night. In support of @bee_trust #bees #nature

🌟 BEES iluminó con drones el cielo de los tenderos en Bogotá. 👉🏼 La nota en #ideas #bees #dron #tendero #colombia #blackfriday #abinbev #diab

Wow that’s awesome. Unfortunately multiple stings and an anaphylactoid reaction has put an end to my beekeeping. I miss it very much. #bees 🐝❤️…

Scientists puzzled by flesh-eating ‘vulture bees’ that have evolved a taste for meat! Maybe the #bees worked out Monsanto had poisoned most of the #pollen on the planet? #evolution is driven by extreme pressure on a species.…

One of the smallest of our local bigheads (technically big-jaws, Megachilidae), little Ashmeadiella. They usually nest in tunnels bored by beetles, and some seal them with resin. See the rounded head profile often seen on resin bees. [Alameda, CA 6-5-21] #bees #nativebees

the common honey bee has a brain 1.5 million times smaller than humans and has 950,000 neurons compared to the over 100 billion we have. Despite this, they are arguably the first creature on earth to establish the world is round. #bees

Just finished #BEES by @Writer_DG! Of course it ends with a teaser for the next book (?2-3 books???) . I feel like it's the end of a Saturday matinee - "Continued next week". OK, I'll ask outright: Do we have an ETA for Book 10???

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