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#DYK phasing out all fluorescent lamps in 2025 could reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 3.0 GT by 2050 - equivalent to removing all passenger cars from the road for a whole year? Learn how 141 parties to the @minamataMEA can achieve this in October:…

#DYK that #fish are a great indicator for overall stream health? In this week’s Fish Report, learn how FISHBIO’s fish monitoring practices can be used to meet dam #compliance license requirements:…

#DYK? You can now find everything you need to know about the #SBA504 program all in one spot! ⁠ ⁠ Explore resources, guides, and more on using an SBA 504 loan to start or grow your #smallbiz. ⁠ ⁠⁠ #smallbizLoan #WednesdayWisdom

#DYK that Business Email Compromise is one of the most financially damaging internet crimes? This sophisticated #cyber scam targets organizations and individuals who transfer funds online. Learn more about this risk at #cyberRiskIsBusinessRisk

#DYK that there are between 180 and 220 million youth with disabilities worldwide? Ensuring they can participate and benefit from the #DigitalJobs 💻is critical! @S4YE_Coalition developed 5 strategies to tackle this issue. Learn more at 👉

#DYK according to the CDC, the leading cause of death for people ages 18–45 in the US is drug poisoning & overdose? Join DEA’s efforts to remember the lives lost from fentanyl poisoning by submitting a photo of a loved one lost to fentanyl #JustKNOW…

Did you know that female British subjects over the age of 21 in Ontario won the right to vote in 1917? This effectively doubled the number of electors in the province. Explore the history of elections in Ontario at #DYK

#DYK your children’s eating habits can help keep their eyes healthy? This #HealthyVisionMonth, get more information about eye-healthy habits: #EyeHealthEducation

World’s highest airstrip? No problem for the Super Herc. 💪 #DYK the highest ever landing by a C-130 was performed in 2013 by @IAF_MCC at an airstrip 16,614 feet in the air in the Himalayan mountains? ⛰️ #WorkhorseWednesday

#DYK that significant advances have been made in technology platforms for measurement of #biologics and #biomarkers? Review case studies with @SomruBio experts during this June #eChalkTalk, "Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis and Machine Learning:"

#DYK that we offer International Waste Disposal Services? ⁣ From the customization of the container to optimal approved routes to the landfill, the detailed cleaning of the bin, and back to safe storage - we have you covered ⁣ #local #reliable #sustainable

#DYK? As part of our Aging Gracefully study, Greensboro's @safe_housing worked to "provide decent, safe & affordable housing to low-income households," but their work also improved the #MentalHealth of their clients. #OlderAdults #MentalHealthAwareness

🇺🇸🇯🇵 We're wrapping up #WorldTradeMonth by recognizing Japan - the location of our @USDA trade mission next week! #DYK Japan was the 4th-largest export destination for US agricultural products in '22, w/exports reaching $14.6 billion. This was a 3% increase compared to 2021.

#DYK according to the CDC, the leading cause of death for people ages 18–45 in the US is drug poisoning & overdose? Join DEA’s efforts to remember the lives lost from fentanyl poisoning by submitting a photo of a loved one lost to fentanyl #JustKNOW…

#DYK that in Afghanistan, with just $220 per family,a winter wheat package enables a family to produce enough to meet their annual cereal needs & leaves a surplus for them to sell. That is why @FAO's humanitarian work is firmly embedded in a foundation of resilience building.

#DYK ❔Education and development is essential for communities to prosper and thrive✨ @WFP ’s school meals promote school attendance and ensure children eat at least one nutritious meal a day. @WFP_WAfrica | @UN_Liberia

#DYK that #CANCommunityHealth offers free #HIV home test kits? By visiting and filling out some info, an #OraQuick home test kit will be sent discreetly to your door for free. Learn more at #CANHIVtest #DoItAtHome #KnowYourStatus

Pendientes hoy por la tarde a las cuentas oficiales de @daddy_yankee que se viene la portada del nuevo tema #beachy #DYK junto a #OmarCourtz antes de sus conciertos finales en #PuertoRico #LaMeta El tema estará Disponible el 01/06/2023 ⏰ 8:00PM EST

Hey #UA27! #DYK that as a UA student, you have access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud package for free?🤩 Start creating today by visiting the link in our bio!

#dyk nurses in doug ford's #ontario @Canada (such as miss pypka of #tiktok) are saying that the maid program is aleady assisting the deaths of ppl with mental illnesses? can anyone at @ONgov confirm this PLEASE bcuz i'll move to ontario tomorrow if it's already happening there

#DYK that in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries a variety of British tourists enjoyed travelling to the European continent seeking to immerse themselves in the culture? 🧭🗺️ Find out more about their adventures ⬇️.

#DYK the Department of Finance administers a number of benefits in the form of tax exemptions, abatements, and numerous other money-saving programs.   Follow the link to learn more about all the ways to save with the city:

#DYK The population of adults 65 and older grew nearly five times faster than the total US population in the past century, from 1920 to 2020.

#DYK the City’s Zoning Bylaw is getting an update? We want you to be a part of creating a new, user-friendly Zoning Bylaw for a healthy city. Join us at a community pop-up event ⬇️ 📆 June 3, 10am-2pm, Civic Plaza 🎁 Games, a lego station + prize draws

#DYK To be considered #accessible, a document needs to meet certain technical criteria? Get informed; here you can find different guides, resources and tools created advancing digital accessibility. #NAAW20223 @AccStandardsCA

#DYK Ontario has one of the cleanest electricity systems in North America. Learn more about how access to a clean electricity grid will help grow our clean economy and achieve our net-zero emissions goals

#DYK according to the CDC, the leading cause of death for people ages 18–45 in the US is drug poisoning & overdose? Join DEA’s efforts to remember the lives lost from fentanyl poisoning by submitting a photo of a loved one lost to fentanyl #JustKNOW…

#DYK we have an original Beethoven manuscript? Listen to our curator Forrest Pass tell the story of this unique artifact, composed for a Quebec music teacher. And check out the original document at the @CanMusHistory!

#DYK? #ARRRGH ECU's School of Social Work had interns placed in over 25 counties in North Carolina this academic year. #TheHHPExperience

#DYK that some of your favorite Summer activities could lead to hearing loss later on in life (looking at your sporting events and outdoor concerts)? Learn how you can protect yourself while still enjoying your favorite activities:…

Learn how CAF chaplains can help you find meaning and purpose and align your values with your actions. This in turn can help you find a sense of peace and balance in your life. #DYK?… #WellnessWednesday

This #MilitaryAppreciationMonth, USCIS celebrates military spouses. #DYK you may be eligible under a special military spouse hiring authority? Learn more about our career opportunities and find out if it's the right fit for you: #MilitarySpouse #JoinUSCIS

#DYK: Ferns are among the oldest vascular plants? Millions of years ago ferns developed leaves to adapt to changing CO2 levels, allowing later forms of vascular plants to flourish. 🌿 Explore more in the Vascular Plant Herbarium: #UAlbertaMuseums

#DYK: If you're asked for your driver’s licence and you feel uncomfortable with the request, you can ask why it’s needed and whether the information on your card will be recorded.…

#DYK – Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the US, but data on this group is scarce. Check out the Maps Book aimed to close this data gap by exploring the diversity of AA & NH/PI populations across US cities: #AAPIHeritageMonth

#DEA #LA seized 48lbs of cocaine, 9lbs of heroin & 2 guns. #DYK drug trafficking & violent crime are inherently linked.Drug traffickers use violence & fear to further their business & control territories. Keeping our communities safe by taking addictive drugs/guns off our streets

#DYK Studies show that access to more nature like blue and green spaces can increase a person's mood? As we close out #mentalhealthawarenessmonth, read more from Spectrumites Kay Brungs Laud and Samantha Loyola as they share how nature has helped their #mentalhealth journeys:

#DYK our CC&V mine offers a self-guided virtual tour? This 3-stop tour provides visitors with the chance to learn about our responsible mining practices and the mining heritage of the cities. Learn more:…

#DYK There are many benefits that come with recycling your mattress. In addition to diverting valuable resources from landfills, recycling steel, foam, wood and fibers has fewer environmental impacts than extracting earth’s resources to manufacture new consumer products. Mat...

#DYK Zoom, Teams, and Panopto have auto-captioning capabilities. Autocaptions can be edited for accuracy and saved as transcripts. Providing captions and or transcripts can assist with accessibility, comprehension, and content searching.

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