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@UN_SDG 🚨Great news! Reporting gender-based violence is now simpler than ever in #Gambia 🇬🇲, thanks to combined efforts of @UNGambia & national authorities. 91 survivors have received essential physical, mental, and legal support! 💪🌍 Let's create a safer world together! 🕊️✨ #EndGBV

This was a major highlight of my week. Thank you so much @apigbv for the opportunity to facilitate and learn. 💜 #endGBV…

Join us for the Guardian’s Group starting April 6th from 10am-11am, running every other Thurs. for 6 weeks. Please call/email to register for this group. #Community #Support #LoveShouldntHurt #MMIWG2S #EndVAW #EndGBV #StopHT #SupportGroup #Mothers #Guardians

Precursors for Rape: ◀️Surveillance ◀️Intimidation ◀️Interference ◀️Life Invasion [email protected] #SAAM2022 #SAAMSafeOnlineSpaces #EndGBV

To create change amongst youth, champions & mentors play a key role in influencing community members. #EndGBV #Simuntweets

When dealing with an ex, an intimate stranger, or a sextortionist threatening to dump your intimate videos or images online, you have to move fast. STALL to give yourself time to implement steps below. Notice blocking the person is last, as not to warn the person. #EndGBV

Everyone deserves to be safe in all places including public spaces. Sadly, only 12 states have voyeurism laws that includes public spaces. #EndVoyeurism #NSAM2023 #SEPTA #MassTransit #EndGBV

#Streetharassment, unwanted comments, gender-objectified behaviors towards someone perceived as feminine. We need to recognize that streetharassment can lead to rape and murder, which is an epidemic. Support legislation to make #SH illegal. #EndGBV

#Streetharassment ended #RuthGeorge life, a University of Illinois student, murdered at a campus parking lot. Let's Get to Work to #ChangeIXNow. #Streetharassment should be illegal. #MeTooVoter #WeAsOurselves #EndGBV

Coercion and intimidation are readily used on targets by traffickers. All states need to adopt Utah's law on tracking people. Please urge your senators to adopt this. #NSAM2023 #EndGBV #SAAM2022

#Consent is not present when: - someone is incapacitated - someone expresses that they do not want to do something - someone is abusing their power Consent should be informed, freely given, enthusiastic, specific, and respected! #EndGBV

Meet @Lavende_akinyi - a @TheSafecityApp Champion on Sexual Harassment Reporting, mentor, peer educator, SRHR and MNH advocate . “Sexual Harassment has and is still a major issue with serious gaps that are yet to be dealt with, it is a normalized issue. #Gpende #EndGBV

3/6 #CSW67 The CSW Agreed Conclusions strongly condemn all forms of violence against women and girls, including technology facilitated GBV, which underpin #genderinequality and practices such as child, early, and forced marriage and female genital mutilation. #EndVAW #EndGBV

2/6 #CSW67 The Agreed Conclusions call for the elimination, prevention, and response to all forms of violence against women and girls in public and private spaces, online and offline. Let's take a multisectoral and coordinated approach to end gender-based violence! #EndGBV

Really looking forward to this! If you can make it please come along, always great getting an opportunity to meet in person! It's sure to be a powerful and informative day for anyone committed to gender based violence prevention, intervention and support in universities #EndGBV…

@dan_alemu: Violence against women & girls remains the most widespread & perversive human rights violations worldwide affecting an estimated 1 in 3 women globally, a figure that has sadly remained largely unchanged over decades - @AustrianDev Project Phase II Moroto #EndGBV #SRHR

وقعت وزارة العدل وصندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان في #المغرب اتفاقية شراكة جديدة لدعم إصلاح النظام القضائي في سبيل ضمان حقوق الإنسان من خلال تعزيز الوصول إلى #العدالة، وخاصة بالنسبة للنساء والفئات السكانية في وضعية هشاشة. للمزيد : #EndChildMarriage #EndGBV

HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL - ACT Africa rapping against gender based violence and femicide. Please come along! 26 MARCH ❣ @ACTAfricaJhb #ENDGBV #EndHumanTrafficking #ActAfrica #ConstitutionHill #HumanRights #FNBECD #FNBCares

The German Zinduka-ev team visits the Kenyan Zinduka team 2 see how the projects and programs, as well as the steps taken to end FGM, GBV, child marriage and the education of women and girls on their SRHR within the Kurian community. #EndFGM #EndGBV #TogetherWeEndFGM

We are honored to be a part of the #WomenInMediaSymposium23 by @UMWAandMamaFM. Discussions on consolidating women’s voices in promoting opportunities for Women’s empowerment in reshaping the future together #GenderEquality #InternetFreedom #EndGBV #MediaMattersUG

Various organisations have set up rescue centres for Gender Based Violence victims and centres for awareness creation to end GBV for good. Find out about them here: #EndGBV #GenderEquality #womenempowerment @this_ability_ke @WCCKenya

Young People in schools have alot to contribute towards ending Gender Based Violence in society. Our partners and members are working directly with young people as we look forward to realizing the 2030 sustainable development Goals. #EndGBV #LetArtBeMyVoice @endviolence

#sapsLIM The Police in Thohoyandou have arrested a 35-year-old suspect on Wednesday 22 March 2023 at Tshikweta village for the murder of a 34-year-old woman, Fhatuwani Nguluvhe, who was reported #missing on 06 March 2023. #EndGBV ML…

Tupo site! We keep the campaign on as we purpose to end all forms of violence in our communities #EndGBV @RoselyneMkabana @EstherPassaris @TheCarterCenter @SakajaJohnson

There is an active extermination campaign in Ethiopia's Oromia region where women, children & the elderly are being shot, hacked & burned alive by Oromia regional forces & OLA. The IC must break its silence on the #AmharaGenocide. #EndGBV @UNOSAPG @UN_HRC @AsstSecStateAF @Reuters

For less than a dollar a day, you can silently support a survivor’s journey to safety. Join our incredible team of monthly donors and have a lasting impact on your community today, tomorrow, and always. #MakeitMonthly #MoveMakers #EndGBV #nonprofit

Our Founder & CEO @MHullJacquin will speak at the Intimate Partner Violence conference at TRU next week via @KamThisWeek Thanks to @KamloopsEFry for the invite! #GenderBasedViolence #EndGBV #EndIPV

@KurolovaD @iammatvienko @DavletovaNozima @SMirziyoyeva @oliy_majlis @OSenati @TNarbaeva @EUambUz @MatildaDimovska This is so long overdue, thanks for the immense work and advocacy and days&nights - putting in the hours and keeping faith. Uzbek women and sisters and nieces and aunties can breathe with hope. #endgbv #gbv #Uzbekistan

We are deeply alarmed that seven of the 13 casual nurses at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program have stepped down. This is a dangerous gap in service coverage that needs to be filled URGENTLY. #Winnipeg #healthcare #EndGBV #nurses

Gender-based violence is violence committed against cis, trans, and those perceived as feminine or masculine. Gender-based violence includes bullying, street harassment, stalking, rape, intimate partner violence, and domestic violence. #EndGBV

efforts to promote social development and build more equitable and just societies. #endGBV #GenderEquality #1mNextLevel

#Streetharassment ended #RuthGeorge life, a University of Illinois student, murdered at a campus parking lot. Let's Get to Work to #ChangeIXNow. #Streetharassment should be illegal. #MeTooVoter #WeAsOurselves #EndGBV

We as an Organization have worked to address GBV in humanitarian and peace building . We also work in partnerships with women’s and youth feminist organizations, networks and movements to support interventions to end violence against women. JOIN us now to #ENDGBV @UN_Women

Coercion and intimidation are readily used on targets by traffickers. All states need to adopt Utah's law on tracking people. Please urge your senators to adopt this. #NSAM2023 #EndTrafficking #EndGBV #SAAM2022

Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman were sexually assaulted, then their ordeal began online. We can prevent another #AudrieandDaisy. We need to #ChangeIXNow. Call or Text #988 when you need to TALK. #EndGBV

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