Top Tweets for #FallFriday

Looking forward to a #festive #fallfriday #festivefallfriday "The Fall’s 5 best Christmas songs"…

@sabine_pj Thanks. So many great 90s albums by the Fall! Here's some early singles. #FallFriday

Bonus #FallFriday lesson - 'Gut Of The Quantifier' The Fall Guitar & Bass Lesson

I'm fit and working again Walk down the road in the sun I make a path through a forty strong gang #FallFriday…

#adventsingles Day 3: The Fall – Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Kamera '81) And I guess this goes to show...I'm on board with the #fallfriday flow. My apologies to #markesmith.

Our government’s built an expense account, once in, never out… Day three, time for a groovy number from the mighty Fall, MES and the gang still nailing it over 40 years on. #adventsingles #fallfriday #markesmith

What a beautiful #FallFriday it is!!!! I love this time of year😊🥰 Happy friday!!!

The Fall performing Big New Prinz live on Tony Wilson's The Other Side of Midnight in 1988 #FallFriday Watch the whole programme at

1/ I wish I was in Edinburgh Don't give a toss about private wealth And history just repeats itself Keep me away from the Festival And just give me a warm quarter-gill #fallfriday

Good evening #FallFriday it’s been a while! Gearing up for Sunday night’s @thefallenwomen show 🎵

#5albums90 #FallFriday My favourite Fall album and guaranteed to be in my 5. Still sounds as good as ever

@jasemonkey ace stuff!!! & it's great watching Peter Jackson's Grotesque (After the Gramme) Documentary where you can see this song emerge out of the ether. Those lovable mop-top Mancabilly boys - fair to say, especially on #FallFriday , that they passed the audition...

"I had an awake dream I was in the supervision dept. Of a bigtown store Security floors one to four They had cameras in the clothes dummies." #FallFriday…

"I'm Going To Spain" - The Fall. MES and co. cover an obscure 1970s single. #FallFriday

Haven't listened to much else this year! The top five were all Fall tracks 😃 #FallFriday

#FallFriday I can't decipher the message on this sandwich board. P'haps, written by the 6T Hobgoblins?…

#SeriousQuestion - what do you call a neighbor who rakes leaves in a windy day but does not pick them up? #FallFriday #FridayFeeling #FelineFriday

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