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Three units. I think that's in the neighbourhood of 10 collisions in #HamOnt in 24 hours. Perhaps as much as $250,000 in a day and no one blinks.…

Today on National Seniors Day, we celebrate the many seniors in our community who continue to inspire, engage and support others. Grateful for each senior who shares their knowledge and wisdom to make our communities age friendly, safe and strong. #HamOnt

Yo thanks for the heads-up white SUV, I didn't know that lane on Main st was converted into a two way... the other driver's must've been honking in celebration. But let us be serious for a minute... how can we pin this on a cyclist? #Hamont

Out for an unscheduled drive to whatever Canadian Tire is open at this point on a Sunday night (thanks, unexpected car problems 👍🏻), and WOW. It really truly stinks in the #HamOnt / #BurlOn Bay area right now. So very smelly

@CHHSenior @TorontoStar For those arrested ~ good luck with your academic year! Also, drinking alcohol in a public place is a violation of the University's code of conduct. I am sure there is something about criminal charges as well. All for parties they were told and warned not to attend.…

Susan Clairmont | Surveillance cameras captured Denton Smith chasing a woman in a car. “He eventually pointed a gun at the woman.” The convicted drug dealer was originally sentenced to two years less a day — to be served in the community #HamOnt…

Dog walk chronicles: Last night, I witnessed a violent drug addict whip his skateboard against a business. Then this morning, I had to chase out a drug addict wandering into someone’s back yard. He ran back to Beemer. I’m sick and tired of this BS #HamOnt

Pumpkin spice season with a pinch of beach weather @fallonhewitt_ looks ahead at the summery forecast for #HamOnt…

Adding years to life and life to years. $1.8M in new funding from the Age Well at Home Program will help launch 6 Oasis sites in Halifax, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, and Greater Vancouver. @AgingOasis #yvr #tbay #hfx #hamont #InternationalDayofOlderPersons 1/2

Upset landowners are mulling their options and activists are preparing for new battles after the province abandoned plans to allow housing on Hamilton’s protected Greenbelt @Mattatthespec and @TeviahMoro report on Ontario’s Greenbelt flip-flop #HamOnt…

Tomorrow: Very warm with intervals of clouds and sunshine, dry, warm weather in store through at least midweek. High 27C. Winds WSW 5-20 km/h. #HamOnt

Tonight: Mainly clear and mild. Low 16C. Winds WNW 5-10 km/h. #HamOnt

I've... had a week. I got a really bad diagnosis and I now have to deal with a permanent and crippling condition. I'm doing what I can. Check out "A Night to Remember" by Sonic Snafu -… #mentalhealth #tremors #cdnmusic #hamont #indiemusic #indierock

I've... had a week. I got a really bad diagnosis and I now have to deal with a permanent and crippling condition. I'm doing what I can. Check out "A Night to Remember" by Sonic Snafu -… #mentalhealth #tremors #cdnmusic #hamont #indiemusic #indierock

Just your average day in downtown #HamOnt when people are climbing over fences into and on top of giant construction holes — and my building management’s exact words were “leave a message next time” and “we don’t police that”. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Clr. Alex Wilson of #HamOnt : “..province’s Bill 23, which removed the ability of municipalities across #Ontario to charge development fees leaving existing taxpayers left to foot the bill. It is corporate welfare in its most basic form 1/6

Fake McMaster homecoming party draws more than 8,000 revellers to west Hamilton streets… via @TheSpec #HamOnt

It was wonderful to see all the animals (and their owners) at our annual blessing at @StPatsHamilton #HamOnt this afternoon…

That’s how you cool off after all the excitement at the annual blessing of animals at @StPatsHamilton #HamOnt

2023-10-01 15:57:05 COLLISION : #Hamilton East Av N CLOSED between Evans St and Wilson St #HamOnt

Scott Radley | After McMaster Marauder's devastating 33-19 loss to the previously winless University of Toronto on Saturday to fall to 1-5, having a priest on standby wouldn’t be a bad idea #HamOnt…

“Honk for the #Greenbelt” Youth Rally in Dundas #HamOnt this afternoon

#hamont needs something like Chicago’s Navy pier jutting out into Lake Ontario.

Five people were charged under the city’s nuisance party bylaw at the massive unsanctioned event near McMaster Saturday. The so-called "fake homecoming" peaked at more than 8,000 people, @fallonhewitt_ reports #HamOnt…

Wow! October 1 weather in #HamOnt 😳 Not complaining though 😎

Dundas to downtown is a favourite fall tradition. 3ish hours, with a stop for coffee on James north. #hamont

@bikehounds Excerpts from the Community Chest card stack of city department excuses for preferring to do nothing. "Something something water main" "Something something arterial" "Something something zoned for X" "Something something would need a study" #HamOnt

This is as much #HamOnt auto culture as is aggressive driving, noise, and collisions.

OWLE was a proud sponsor of Thursday’s First100 Women’s Only Golf Tournament @SouthbrookGC organized by @HamiltonPolice women in support of @YWCA_Hamilton #community #HamOnt #connect #lead #engage

Get ready millennials, Green Day is playing the Grey Cup halftime show #HamOnt @CFL…

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