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@ftchina @SBWorkersUnited I support @paramountnet but would be more apt to tune in if there were the same see thru RGB dominant priority given to a Bluetooth hot water kettle that connected to a matched desktop PC for senior writers. Okay? Go. #HamOnt

I just finished this #painting of some of the gnarly and glorious old cherry trees in #hamont’s Westdale neighbourhood.

To all the poll workers in Hamilton Centre Provincial by-election, Thank you for your long day/s and dedication to the electoral process. It is because of you & your team work we had a successful election. Thank you. Cheers Ryan Leverton #hamont Elections Ontario Elections Canada

@BassProShops What's your feeling @ #HamOnt and #NiagaraFalls about expanding the store with another plaza/same store experience of right-to-repair for GPS, radios, phones & the future of gun locks including innovative fob selections not constrained by store lanyard dimensions.

🚨 Hey guess what else @McMasterU has been recognized for - for giving zero fucks about it’s students’ chances at a livable future by continuing to invest in climate destroying fossil fuels and deploying gas generators. #HamOnt #Divest #ClimateEmergency…

Absolute spring time ✨magic✨ hearing music coming from outside, looking out the window, and seeing what I believe to be a few of @theglowriders cruising down James Street 🚲🌈 You sure are special, #HamOnt

Glanbrook Arena is currently closed due to a mechanical issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. #HamOnt

Hamilton Weather forecast - Rain/Wind tomorrow with a high of 9°C and a low of 2°C. #HamOnt #HTwx

High school sports in photos: Westdale water polo team making waves Photos by Barry Gray | @_barrygray_ #HamOnt

@SarahJama_ Here's one way to contact @IlhanMN I think. It's the key to the #MountainClimber @ #HamOnt @hsr transit to the new Tesla dealership at Limeridge Mall. There's no independent battery dealer and recycler transport downtown. Obvs, #CT will be entering the game.…

This Wednesday we've got something special in store. From 12 - 1:30 PM Taco Time Pop Up $12 all in. mmmm have lunch + stay for a complimentary afternoon of coworking. Let's break taco's & connect #HamOnt #cowork #food #popup #hamilton #foodie #tacos #coworking #community #lunch

Great night raising funds for the amazing #HamOnt @CharityofHope with an outstanding performance by @glasstiger #TheyStillGotIt

glad to be out supporting the charity of hope #hamont and @CarmensGroup a treat to hear Alan and @glasstiger fav band from the 80’s!

@MichaelParsa @fordnation @SteveClarkPC @DrFullertonMPP @ninatangri Congratulations on your new role! We look forward to working with you on improving supports & services for disabled & neurodiverse Ontarians #HamOnt #autism #neurodiversity #disability

@Gasp4Change said Paikin, the brother of Ontario broadcaster Steve Paikin. “And here we are, so it’s a good day.”  —-Wow! Such good luck to the Paikins! #Hamont @TheAgenda #onpoli

Jeff Mahoney | ‘Third,' a new play at The Players’ Guild, challenges political positions but ends up as powerful portrait of a woman #HamOnt

Hamilton’s Sunshine List: St. Joe’s spent $1.9 million on leaders including former CEO who hasn't worked there in 2 years, researcher tops the #HamOnt list for 6th year in a row and city's top-paid nurse made $238,783. Lists for each sector… via @TheSpec

If the handful of over 18yr olds make the decision to go on a hungry strike over this, good see you later #HamOnt @TheSpec @BayObserver @MountainNews @HamOntComNews @StoneyCreekNews @FlamReview…

I shared a #HamOnt moment with the fantastic Eugene Levy at tonight’s dinner in honour of President Biden. And @YaaraSaks and met the fabulous Catherine O’Hara, too!

Hamilton Conservatives: Stop sending money to countries in need. We should help our own! #HamOnt City Hall: ok. It’s going to cost $60 Million. Hamilton Conservatives: no more taxes!!!!!!!

Lots of feedback on this week's OShow - here's a great question from a viewer: #hamont @JoeyColeman @MLTPlanner

#hamont it’s because he has selective reading comprehension (SRC) which he’s trying to get WSIB as a Disability for self employed journalism !…

#HamOnt Hamilton needs an estimated $60M to address homelessness…

*hangs head* *sighs deeply* *massages temples* You just... because wha... why do you... You know what? Just nevermind. Nevermind. #HamOnt…

Here at the #charityofhope dinner @HCCbyCarmens tonight. So excited for @glasstiger performance this evening. Charity of Hope has been a generous supporter of Living Rock’s, Rock Resources program providing life-skills and employment program for under served youth. #hamont

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