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@RossMcleanSec No doubt Russia has tons of Canadian/USA military weapons/equipment, and aid that was sent. Ukraine has a thriving black market, always did #cdnpoli #onpoli #ldnont

@ChandraPasma Mike Harris made huge funding cuts in his term in office. Dalton McGuinty did nothing about them & inflicted the No Zero Policy aka No Fail Policy on the children. Liberals, Conservatives, are bad for health & education among other things. #onpoli #onted

In today's edition: There's a new sheriff at the Park, MX saga thickens, more rumours re front-bench shakeup, hot heckles, regulatory roundup, Ford's choice words, byelxn candidate tracker, MPPs rip through leg agenda ahead of summer recess + more #onpoli…

NEW: @ColinDMello got his hands on key details from the ongoing negotiations between ETFO and the Ford government for their upcoming contract. They include plans for salary, benefits and class sizes. #onpoli…

@reggcohn By refusing to raise the Pride flag at their main office, Catholic school trustees in York Region are giving Ontario a lesson in the politics of religious intolerance and intransigence. #onpoli…

NEW: Key details of confidential contract offers, leaked to Global News, shows a significant gap between the province’s position and that of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation on compensation, class sizes and remote learning.… #onpoli #onted

EXCL: Key details of the ongoing negotiations between public school elementary teachers and the Ontario government have been revealed, including what each side wants for compensation and class sizes.… #onpoli

@GeorgeHampton25 @KWaggonerADF @stillgray Need to have cameras put in the classrooms and hallways of the schools to protect children #cdnpoli #onpoli #ldnont

@DrLoupis No doubt while they were looking for Dylan’s ovaries in his butt hole, they would find a couple of hamster carcasses #cdnpoli #onpoli #ldnont

FYI, I believe politicians should have private lives and extramarital relationships are none of our business… … UNLESS those politicians cater to the so-called “family values” vote. When they do that, hypocrisy makes it fair game. #DougFord #Ontario #onpoli #TOpoli…

@rexglacer Ha, the red star upset that freedom of speech has caught on in Canada, and they fear there is no stopping it #cdnpoli #onpoli #ldnont

It’s June 6th. Do you know how tanned your Conservative MPP is? #onpoli #OntEd

Ultra low-cost carrier #Flair Airlines is Canada's worst airline for complaints, with more than 20 per cent of its flights generating some sort of complaint to the Canadian Transport Agency (CTA) #cdnpoli #onpoli #bcpoli…

Some people have an optimistic view on where rates may go, but we're not expecting them to go back to where they once were. Don't string it out until it's too late." #cdnpoli #bcpoli #onpoli…

How did Ford fuel the crisis in healthcare? He illegally capped healthcare workers wages with Bill 124. Then he allowed private for-profit hospitals to pay nurses more to encourage them to leave public not-for-profit hospitals like Minden's. #onpoli #MindenMatters…

New mapping from @envirodefence shows Ontario could deliver the next 30 years of GTHA homes and workplaces while using just a portion of the 350 km2 of GTHA lands that were approved for development before 2022 #HamOnt #onpoli…

Ah yes, Horwath. Who literally slept 4 whole years at Legislature as @OntarioNDP leader collecting lavish salary & perks. Then woke up one fine day to go sleep in her home town… with even more lavish salary & perks as the mayor. Zero consequences. That's Ontario "Left". #onpoli…

The United Pukes of Canada hate convoy #maga #qanon #savecanada domestic terrorists who were squatting in downtown Ottawa have lost their legal appeal mainly because they are criminals who are not great at reading. #cdnpoli #ottnews #ottcity #onpoli…

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