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According to Ford, certain manufacturing issues have been identified, which could result in premature engine failure. #Ford #recall…

#RECALL: Americans are being warned to make sure they're no longer using or buying three types of Boppy-brand baby loungers that were recalled in 2021 — after the commission says two more infants died in incidents related to the products.

#RECALL: Boppy Newborn Loungers — baby pillows that have been linked to 10 infant deaths — are no longer legally for sale, but U.S. regulators have found thousands of them available on Facebook Marketplace since they were recalled two years ago.

#Recall: Mini Cooper and Clubman. On certain vehicles, the footwell module may become contaminated by a mixture of salt and moisture inside the vehicle. Over time, this can lead to corrosion that could cause a short circuit.

#RECALL: Do you have a Nicpro brand epoxy resin kit? Find out about the recall and what to do:

#RECALL -- These @BoppyCompany Newborn Loungers are linked to 10 baby deaths.…

Newborn deaths prompt federal warning of Boppy Newborn Loungers. Since the #recall was announced, regulators have formally requested #Meta take down the listings to no avail. #Parents #parentingtips #Facebook #babies #safety #safety2023 #warning…

"Important FDA Class I recall for Abiomed's Impella heart pumps. Find out more about the specific system being recalled and the associated risk of fluid leakage. Read the full article here: @Medscape #heartpumps #recall #medicalnews"

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