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1/2: This summer it’s all about hydration.💧 What are you doing to keep hydrated? Since August is one of the hottest months of the year, we want to keep our customers healthy and hydrated. #SummerHeat #IVDrip

2/2: That’s why all month long you can stop into any LIVE Hydration Spa location for a $75 Beat the Heat IV treatment (1 liter of fluids). Stop in and cool off at LIVE Hydration Spa! #SummerHeat #IVDrip

GM, GM! Michiko is hard at work on her latest piece, starting from a rough sketch. How's your day going? In Japan, we're still grappling with the persistently hot weather! At least she is taking in Autumn vibes through her painting! 🍂🎨☀️🇯🇵 #nftartist #summerheat

#PHOTO | What helped you beat today's heat? 📷 Ranjan Jyoti Samra #Guwahati #Assam #summer #summerheat

"The summer of 2023 is officially the hottest ever recorded on Earth, according to scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Find out more about this groundbreaking analysis and its implications for our planet. #climatechange #summerheat

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