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A series of fresh strikes by security guards at Heathrow Airport in a dispute over pay has been announced. The Telegraph’s Annabel Denham: "I blame inflation. Until we get it under control, industrial action is just going to be a feature of life in Britain!" @Iromg | #TalkTV

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden: “While we are working to drive down inflation and energy bills, what’s the right honourable lady doing? Receiving £10,000 from Just Stop Oil backers.” #PMQs | #TalkTV

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner asks Oliver Dowden if the Government’s legal action against the Covid inquiry “is a good use of taxpayers' money”. #PMQs | #TalkTV

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden hits out at Labour's Deputy Leader Angela Rayner: “I understand she’s purchased two pairs of noise-cancelling headphones. If I had to attend Shadow Cabinet meetings, I’d want to tune them out too.” #PMQs | #TalkTV

#TalkTV Julia. I have been using semaglutide for 3 months as have a number of my overweight friends. It does work and helps change your lifestyle and attitude to food and drink. Please talk to somebody like me that has experience of using the drug. Your opinion on this is wrong

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