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あっさり絵じゃなくなっちゃったから高額で売っていいか??! #XCollaboWeek #wip

Messy Friday #WIP sketchbook share. The other idea for a Washington Wolves concept; the wolf is redrawn from a 1930 illustration. Yes, I know it has Detroit vibes, but also it has serious badass potential. The W is an original sketch, I dig the hints of ornate. #HTTC

#wip おもくそ歩いて疲れました……でも最近のワシ絵をちゃんと描いてると思うの。 今日はここまで。

Progress on my recent charcoal drawing . I love this and i don't want this feeling to end.... #wip #art @DeathNotary

Y’all better be on Winston’s good side or his mom Calliope will Deny you immediately in game. She also has 2 other dogs idk what breeds yet. #wip #gamedev #sqwdink #datingsim

Good Morning 🌞 What are you Writing? I’ll admit my WIP - Soul Catchers is going really well slow. A lot of distractions with preparation of the holidays & a-lot of lunch dates etc….. hope your doing better than me. #Keepwriting #Writerswritemor #Creatives #WIP #Writerscommuny

@HappyPete55 I just took a big leap in my #WIP and quoted the entire Gettysburg Address I think we've gone from dedicating ourselves to our founding ideals to recreating the European aristocracy and Middle ages in modern clothes

#wip 進捗度30% ざっくりだけど影とかグラデーションかけるだけで 大分雰囲気変わってくる🤩 絵を描き始めて約2年ようやく描きたい絵を描けるようになってきた💪

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