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Roadracing at its best in Corner 1 on the Grand Prix roadcourse at Canada’s Legendary Home of Motorsports CTMP @CanadianTire @weathertechcanada @NASCAR @ChevroletCanada @NASCARpintys #roadracing #weathertech200 #labourdaysprints #nascarpintysseries #nascar #ctmplife 🇨🇦

#WeatherTech200 Highlights in 📸 « WeatherTech 200 » : Faits marquants du 📸…

BROADCAST ALERT 📺 Set your alarms and get ready to watch the #WeatherTech200 on @TSN_Sports tomorrow afternoon‼️ 🗓️: Saturday, September 9 ⏰: 1:00 p.m. ET #NASCARPintys | @CTMPOfficial

RACE HIGHLIGHTS‼ Head to our Facebook Page to relive all the excitement from the #WeatherTech200 in only eleven minutes 👀 💻: #NASCARPintys | @CTMPOfficial

QUICK LOOK BACK 👀⬅️ @CTMPOfficial Produces Spectacular Finish in the WeatherTech 200 📝: #NASCARPintys | #WeatherTech200

POINTS STANDINGS 🏆 @CTMPOfficial With only one race remaining, @TreytenL leads the championship by 35 points over @MACamirand22 📋: #NASCARPintys | #WeatherTech200

Well... that's one way to celebrate a win 😉 @kevinlacroix74 was doing some Homer Simpson "donuts" after winning the #WeatherTech200🍩 #NASCARPintys | @CTMPOfficial

Yup, @DumoulinLP could have easily spun @kevinlacroix74 in T10 like so many of the NASCAR truck races there and won the #NASCARPintys #Weathertech200. Instead, he played it clean. “It would have been super easy to bump him out of the way but I don't want to win like that.”…

#NASCAR: Kevin Lacroix barely held off LP Dumoulin on the final lap of Sunday's #WeatherTech200 at @CTMPOfficial. With his 11th victory on a road course in the @NASCARPintys Series, Lacroix ties Andrew Ranger as the all-time leader.……


Rounding out the top 5 after winner Lacroix and LP Dumoulin was Marc-Antoine Camirand in 3rd, DJ Kennington in a great 4th and Alex Labbe in 5th. Championship points leader Treyten Lapcevich finished 6th. #WeatherTech200 #CTMPLife

WHAT A FINISH!! Kevin Lacroix holds off L.P. Dumoulin's hard charge and amazing attempt at the lead in turns 8 to 10 What a win from Lacroix adding his names to list of winners this season #NASCAR #WeatherTech200

WINNER AT @CTMPOfficial KEVIN LACROIX JUST BEATS THE NO. 47 TO THE LINE 🇨🇦 TSN+ 🇺🇸 @FloRacing #NASCARPintys | #WeatherTech200

Another beautiful #WeatherTech200 @NASCARPintys finish to the line. Many I wish @NASCAR_Trucks could come back here for Labour Day weekend 🇨🇦

@CTMPOfficial WHAT A FINISH! LP Dumoulin got to the outside of Kevin Lacroix at the end of the Mario Andretti Straightaway, but couldn't quite complete the pass. Kevin Lacroix wins the #WeatherTech200 at @CTMPOfficial! LP Dumoulin finished in second. #NASCAR…

Absolutely incredible finish!! Side by side through 8, 9 and 10 for Lacroix to take the win, and absolutely clean by LP the whole time, no interest in wrecking Lacroix for the win. #WeatherTech200 #CTMPLife

BACK GREEN🟩 LESS THAN 10 TO GO NO. 74 OF LACROIX IS YOUR LEADER 🇨🇦 TSN+ 🇺🇸 @FloRacing #NASCARPintys | #WeatherTech200

One to go with Lacroix in the lead and LP Dumoulin on the charge, and gaining. #WeatherTech200 #CTMPLife

LP Dumoulin up into 2nd place past Tag with 4 laps to go and on on the charge. #WeatherTech200 #CTMPLife

RESTART: Alex Tagliani and Kevin Lacroix lead the field back to the green flag with eight laps remaining. Lacroix maintains through the second corner, and clears for the lead at @CTMPOfficial. He's the new leader of the #WeatherTech200. #NACAR…

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