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I just finished this #painting of some of the gnarly and glorious old cherry trees in #hamont’s Westdale neighbourhood.

To all the poll workers in Hamilton Centre Provincial by-election, Thank you for your long day/s and dedication to the electoral process. It is because of you & your team work we had a successful election. Thank you. Cheers Ryan Leverton #hamont Elections Ontario Elections Canada

@BassProShops What's your feeling @ #HamOnt and #NiagaraFalls about expanding the store with another plaza/same store experience of right-to-repair for GPS, radios, phones & the future of gun locks including innovative fob selections not constrained by store lanyard dimensions.

🚨 Hey guess what else @McMasterU has been recognized for - for giving zero fucks about it’s students’ chances at a livable future by continuing to invest in climate destroying fossil fuels and deploying gas generators. #HamOnt #Divest #ClimateEmergency…

Absolute spring time ✨magic✨ hearing music coming from outside, looking out the window, and seeing what I believe to be a few of @theglowriders cruising down James Street 🚲🌈 You sure are special, #HamOnt

Glanbrook Arena is currently closed due to a mechanical issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. #HamOnt

Hamilton Weather forecast - Rain/Wind tomorrow with a high of 9°C and a low of 2°C. #HamOnt #HTwx

High school sports in photos: Westdale water polo team making waves Photos by Barry Gray | @_barrygray_ #HamOnt

@SarahJama_ Here's one way to contact @IlhanMN I think. It's the key to the #MountainClimber @ #HamOnt @hsr transit to the new Tesla dealership at Limeridge Mall. There's no independent battery dealer and recycler transport downtown. Obvs, #CT will be entering the game.…

This Wednesday we've got something special in store. From 12 - 1:30 PM Taco Time Pop Up $12 all in. mmmm have lunch + stay for a complimentary afternoon of coworking. Let's break taco's & connect #HamOnt #cowork #food #popup #hamilton #foodie #tacos #coworking #community #lunch

Great night raising funds for the amazing #HamOnt @CharityofHope with an outstanding performance by @glasstiger #TheyStillGotIt

glad to be out supporting the charity of hope #hamont and @CarmensGroup a treat to hear Alan and @glasstiger fav band from the 80’s!

@MichaelParsa @fordnation @SteveClarkPC @DrFullertonMPP @ninatangri Congratulations on your new role! We look forward to working with you on improving supports & services for disabled & neurodiverse Ontarians #HamOnt #autism #neurodiversity #disability

@Gasp4Change said Paikin, the brother of Ontario broadcaster Steve Paikin. “And here we are, so it’s a good day.”  —-Wow! Such good luck to the Paikins! #Hamont @TheAgenda #onpoli

Jeff Mahoney | ‘Third,' a new play at The Players’ Guild, challenges political positions but ends up as powerful portrait of a woman #HamOnt

Hamilton’s Sunshine List: St. Joe’s spent $1.9 million on leaders including former CEO who hasn't worked there in 2 years, researcher tops the #HamOnt list for 6th year in a row and city's top-paid nurse made $238,783. Lists for each sector… via @TheSpec

If the handful of over 18yr olds make the decision to go on a hungry strike over this, good see you later #HamOnt @TheSpec @BayObserver @MountainNews @HamOntComNews @StoneyCreekNews @FlamReview…

I shared a #HamOnt moment with the fantastic Eugene Levy at tonight’s dinner in honour of President Biden. And @YaaraSaks and met the fabulous Catherine O’Hara, too!

Hamilton Conservatives: Stop sending money to countries in need. We should help our own! #HamOnt City Hall: ok. It’s going to cost $60 Million. Hamilton Conservatives: no more taxes!!!!!!!

Lots of feedback on this week's OShow - here's a great question from a viewer: #hamont @JoeyColeman @MLTPlanner

#hamont it’s because he has selective reading comprehension (SRC) which he’s trying to get WSIB as a Disability for self employed journalism !…

#HamOnt Hamilton needs an estimated $60M to address homelessness…

*hangs head* *sighs deeply* *massages temples* You just... because wha... why do you... You know what? Just nevermind. Nevermind. #HamOnt…

Here at the #charityofhope dinner @HCCbyCarmens tonight. So excited for @glasstiger performance this evening. Charity of Hope has been a generous supporter of Living Rock’s, Rock Resources program providing life-skills and employment program for under served youth. #hamont

What should I order from La Spaghett? #HamOnt

Police say a man is dead after a shooting in central Hamilton on Friday afternoon, @katejmccullough reports #HamOnt

I see Laura Babcock making the argument today that DEI is stupid and the city of #hamont should start hiring based on merit. good on ya.

Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre will be closing early this evening. The recreation centre is expected to reopen as usual tomorrow morning. We apologize for the inconvenience. #HamOnt

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