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The Dawn of AI won the 2023 Readers' Favorite Book Finalist Award in the Fiction-Action genre! The contest receives thousands of entries from all over the world. Dawn of AI ➡️ Picospores ➡️ #scifi #thriller @ryanlekodak

Upgrade (AKA Máquina Asesina) Dir. Leigh Whannell 🇦🇺🇺🇲 2018 #Scifi Esta cinta la conocí gracias a @cronicasdeckard 😉 Está llena de buenas escenas de acción, tanto en las peleas cómo en las persecuciones, peli agradable y efectiva muy por encima de la media.… Visited the mesmerizing Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. A true marvel of nature that has inspired writers and poets alike. #TravelGoals #Ireland #CliffsOfMoher #Travel, #UnitedKingdom, #GPT, #scifi, #TheCliffsofMoherIreland, #Landscape

Ever had that feeling your reflection is plotting against you? Would you survive if you had to fight for your own survival against… YOU? @Albay3037 #scifibooks #scifi

#scifi å ftc föll för doch you rob sorry cc if go so

"I make the hard choices - and the dull, and the banal ones - to spare them the burden" COMMANDER ⁠ Episode 12 is OUT NOW! ⁠ CHAIKA is a #dystopian #SciFi #AudioDrama where a woman navigates a #PostApocalyptic future.⁠ ⁠ #Chaikapod #Y2Kpod #podcast

anybody that? Your mother, Tyrell, anybody huh? You remember the spider that lived in a bush outside your window? Orange body, green legs. Watched her build a web all summer. Then one day there was a big egg in it. The egg hatched..." - Rick Deckard #BladeRunner #SciFi #cyberpunk

"Yeah. Remember when you were six? You and your brother snuck into an empty building through a basement window. You were gonna play doctor. He showed you his, but when it got to be your turn you chickened and ran. Remember that? You ever tell #BladeRunner #SciFi #cyberpunk

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