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Local Tory MPPs @SkellyHamilton and @NeilLumsdenMPP oppose citizen membership on the Hamilton Conservation Authority, turning down Hamilton City Council's request to continue having five citizens on the HCA. #yhmcc

Hamilton's City Clerk rules letters commenting on the public statements of Councillors to be a privacy violation and is redacting all public correspondence that uses the "private" names of public officials. 444 municipalities in Ontario, only one does this. #onmuni #yhmcc

Of course the current Integrity Commissioners are open to an non-competitive contract extension. This is easy money for them. It is time for a competitive independent process to find an Integrity Commissioner for the City of Hamilton. #yhmcc #HamOnt

This is ridiculous - the City Clerk and City Manager were instructed to prepare an independent competitive bid process for an Integrity Commissioner. They are coming back to Council on Monday with a recommendation for a four-year non-competitive contract extension #yhmcc #HamOnt

Hamilton's "Integrity Commissioners," in an unsigned decision, state Ward 7 Clr Esther Pauls violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when she voted on the police budget at Police Board due to her son being a sworn officer. 2wks pay penalty. #yhmcc…

New Joey's Notepad: Today's cancelled council meeting and the confusing, conflicting information from City Hall this week. #yhmcc…

The City Manager created the position of "General Manager - Special Projects" It paid $229.315.73 in 2022. There has been no public business case for the creation of this position, and one must ask if the salary reflects the responsibility. No direct reports, as example. #yhmcc

Of immediate note on the @cityofhamilton disclosure Both Dan McKinnon and Andrew Grice - who was suddenly removed from their position in Sept 2021 by the City Manager - remain on payroll [Which indicates the CM did not have grounds, "without case"] #yhmcc…

The City is debating the definition of quorum. The Municipal Act states "majority" present required, the City interprets "majority" to be 50%, every other municipality defines 50%+1 #yhmcc

UPDATE: Tomorrow's Council priorities setting meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m., not 9:30 a.m. There is no public seating, they are using a small room. It will be livestream, outside contractors hired to stream. #yhmcc…

Tomorrow's Council agenda has been removed from the City website. #yhmcc

The City's Internal Auditor says he effectively functions as an Auditor General, no longer doing internal risk management work. Says he wants his office made an Auditor General with full independence. Presently, the Internal Auditor is in the City Manager's Office. #yhmcc

City Council will hold their 2022-2026 priority setting meeting tomorrow in a room with *no* public seating. The room is being set up with video cameras, screens, etc. #yhmcc

The City Clerk has changed the description of the staff closed session request to "Committee Report" -- they did not intent to tip the public to pending action against the Women and Gender Equity Committee. #yhmcc…

@JoeyColeman "....the best way to boost diversity in your candidate sourcing is to organically create an employer brand that values people and opinions from all walks of life." from: recruiteeblog Maybe start there Hamilton! #HamOnt #yhmcc

Ward 7 Clr Esther Pauls is arguing against mandatory COVID vaccinations policy, saying it is contrary to the report on the floor "Attracting Diversity During the Recruitment Process" - says requiring people to provide proof of vaccination is contrary to this goal. #yhmcc

Council is now debating the staff report on the Waterfront Trust. Ward 2 Clr Kroetsch says he wants to go with the option that brings the Trust into City operations. Clr Clark sounds supportive. [This be the most transparent move] #yhmcc

The Hamilton City Manager and City Clerk request a Council closed-session discussion tomorrow regarding the Hamilton Women and Gender Equity Committee. The committee has been critical of the City Manager and Clerk. #yhmcc

Council now discussing the future of the Hamilton Waterfront Trust - the City is looking to shut down the Trust in a way that keeps the Trusts files confidential. The Trust has gone from scandal to fiasco over a decade with little transparency. #yhmcc

City Council GIC is underway. On Time: Mayor,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13 Not on Time: 7,14,15 #yhmcc #QuorumWatch

Now on TPR: @BirdRideCanada E-Scooters will launch in #HamOnt on April 3rd, says @cityofhamilton in a presentation today. #yhmcc…

Now on TPR: I explain why #HamOnt City Council cannot decide its 2022-26 direction to staff in closed session. Council's "Priorities Workshop" is set to be held behind closed doors. #yhmcc…

Good morning. Council Planning Cmte is underway. I'm in the public gallery. On Time: 1,2,4,5,7,10,11,12,13 Not on Time: 3,8,14,15 #yhmcc #QuorumWatch

Council Public Works Cmte passed a motion for a review of the City's snow clearing practices - with a focus on addressing / managing windrows (the snow left by plows as they pass) and bus stop snow clearing. #yhmcc

On the agenda: City sidewalk clearing Ash Borer tree removal, end of 10 year plan report Annual Water reports Community use of stadium Councillor motions for area-rated parks improvements. #yhmcc

Good afternoon, Council Public Works Cmte is underway. On Time: 1,2,3,5,6,10,13,14,15 Not On Time: 7,9 #yhmcc #QuorumWatch

Motion to oppose any extension or continuation of ArcelorMittal Dofasco emission permits passed 8-3 In Favour: Mayor, 1,2,3,4,6,8,11 Opposed: 5,9,10 #yhmcc

Motion from Nann to formally oppose any extension or continuation of special permissions for contaminants above the provincially regulated general air standards at ArcelorMittal Dofasco. Now being debated. #yhmcc

UPDATE: Clark will bring his motions forth at this Thursday's Emergency and Community Services meeting - not moving today at Board of Health. #yhmcc

Council now debating the practicality of declaring a State of Emergency regarding the opioid crisis. Staff report notes declaring a State of Emergency will not unlock any provincial funding or support. #yhmcc

Good Morning, Council's Board of Health mtg is underway. On Time: Mayor,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,13 Not on Time: 6,10,14,15 #yhmcc #QuorumWatch

Yet another @cityofhamilton Open Data set with no data. The City Manager's Office keeps removing data, but keeping blank tables online to claim it is transparent cause the City has however many number of "datasets" #yhmcc

This is also illegal. The very act of setting priorities for the next four years clearly advances the business of the City. #yhmcc #HamONt

City Manager Janette Smith is asking Council to conduct its 2022-26 priority setting meeting in closed session. #yhmcc #HamOnt…

Now on TPR: Now retired Ward 14 Clr Terry Whitehead continued to receive full remuneration following last June's Council vote to suspend his remun for 45 days, states the City's Section 284 annual report. #yhmcc #HamOnt…

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