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GM #CT SEC is like an attention seeker kid. Just FYI of the past, we all know that #Coinbase had listed on #NASDAQ that takes place in the oversight of them. People are getting wiser & their nonsense are getting igonred, always expect a random attack whenever there is pump🙂

People have different perception on what web 3.0 is. What's yours.?? #Web3 #CT

放射線技師をご紹介致します💁 【 石野 武博(いしの たけひろ) 】 優しくて、周りの雰囲気を いつも大事にしてくれる技師長✨ 何事も真摯に取り組み、 スタッフからの信頼も厚く頼りになります😊 #放射線技師 #整形外科 #兵庫県 #稲美町 #CT #MRI #超音波検査 #一般X線撮影

GM to y'all When the market is down, print money When its up print money also Just be like @SamuelXeus @iamkingstev @iamcyprian2 @kendrickNoble7 GM #CT

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