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International human rights organizations are created not for Muslims but for Jews and to do anti-Islamic work and to save Jews. Muslims should not hope for good from these Jews ۔ #FreeDrAfia #InternationalWomensDay #pakmedia

38 11 #tanweiwei #中国 #ChineseCorner #ConfuciusInstitute #CardiffUniversity @cardiffuni 38 11 represents the date for International Women’s Day and the album contains songs about 11 Chinese females #InternationalWomensDay

Last day of the month and #InternationalWomensDay - surprise the amazing women in your life with a gift that lasts a lifetime! Nulands Limited offers unique land parcels - a perfect present! Contact 0708592177 now for more details. #WomenInBusiness #giftideas #wednesdaythought

3/3 Progressed from editing to creating an entry - adding a biography on Wikipedia. Thanks to a great training session for #WomeninSBS Proud to say first entry added on #InternationalWomensDay…

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