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Lasiopetalum lineare (#Malvaceae) flowering north of Perth, Western Australia. You can find the recent taxonomic treatment of this group by @Kelly_Shepherd and Carolyn Wilkins here:… #biodiversityHotspot #botany former #Sterculiaceae

#Lasiopetalum bracteatum (#Malvaceae) these trichome covered shrub put a show on in spring! So hairy that they get there name from their hairy calyx

Guest Tree (Kleinhovia hospita) 📌is an evergreen, bushy tree 📌grow up to 20 m tall 📌Distribution: Throughout tropical Asia (including Malaysia) Photo by Rafidah Abdul Rahman. #Malvaceae via @mybisgovmy

#Dombeya is a flowering #plant genus. Traditionally included in the family Sterculiaceae, it is included in the expanded #Malvaceae in the APG and most subsequent systematics.

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