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@fordnation "... Unless you are in the hospital, then we will deport you to another region for LTC, and when you are in LTC we will build an iron ring of infection around you to try and turn over beds as quickly as possible so my buddies can make better margins." #FordFailedOntario

This, all damn day. Just be honest and say you loathe disabled people, Dougie. #ODSPoverty #PovertyByPolicy #FordFailedOntario…

ERs are closing and the staffing crisis is worsening because you're useless at your job. But sure, thanks for the cheese. Pathetic #ONpoli #FordfailedOntario…

@fordnation You have some nerve. You’re as tone deaf as they get. You left Seniors to rot during COVID. GFY! #FordFailedOntario #FordFailedHealthcare #FORDisCORRUPT

.@fordnation #FordFailedOntario Stiles said the lack of Ontario deals was "disappointing" but no surprise. We know that ... Doug Fraud tried to appoint his pals and his pals' children. We've seen that over and over again...…

@chrisgloverndp @OntarioHealthC Where is @LaurieScottPC in this?? Ducking responsibility for the chaos that her buddies in the #FordFailedOntario govt have caused? I hope everyone in ON realizes that “hallway medicine” was infinitely better than “no medicine” you got by voting for #DougFraud

@chrisgloverndp @Noellenarwhal @OntarioHealthC In case you don’t realize it @fordnation and @SylviaJonesMPP, every death that comes from the excess travel for emergency treatment is going to be laid at your feet. Every death should be a murder charge. You could have helped. Instead you chose to privatize. #FordFailedOntario

@ontarionurses @fordnation His party should be paying for all his lost court costs. Why should the nurse and the rest of us pay for his blunders from our tax dollars! #FordFailedOntario #NeverVoteConservative

@fordnation Let us honour all the seniors you let die while you sat back and made cheesecake #FordIsALiar #FordFailedOntario

@CP24 ConservativeParty: "Marineland mistreats captive animals!" also ConservativeParty: "We want to take captive animals and allow hunting dogs to attack them, kill them & tear them apart for our sporting and betting pleasure!' #FordIsALiar #FordFailedOntario #NeverVoteConservative

@CHogarthPC How about instead of the red shirt, you and your party #RaiseTheRates for #ODSPoverty so that people with disabilities can afford groceries, rent and bills. #FordFailedOntario #NeverVoteConservative

@fordnation You care about accessibility, do you? So when will you be increasing #ODSPoverty to a livable level, so people with disabilities can access things like food, rent, and bills? #RaiseTheRates #FordFailedOntario #NeverVoteConservative

@ontarionurses @fordnation Wrong. We know @fordnation's "solution" is to privatize everything. We see it in health/elder care, education, environment etc. Question is, with such decimated public services, where have BILLIONS we've paid in taxes for 5+ years gone? #FordfailedOntario #GeneralStrikeOntario

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