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BREAKING: #CatholicTeachers file for conciliation. With the support of a conciliator, we hope to make more significant progress, quicker, as we continue to work towards a fair, negotiated agreement that supports all #onted students & teachers. #onpoli…

Not a single child in my school of 1600 is getting Spec Ed support today b/c those teachers are redeployed. BUT don't worry. We got an email telling us to up our EQAO scores because parents use those to choose schools. Zero spec ed support. Better pull up those scores! #onted

Do you work in #onted as a teacher, P/VP, EA, ECE, CYW? How do you still manage to cope with professional stress? Participate in my PhD research; a small online Zoom focus group with other amazing Eds. Sign up via DM or here’s the recruitment survey!

We'd all like to see students' rating their school culture more positively. If your district needs help to make this happen... we're here for you. 🔗 📝: #SuptChat #EdChat #SchoolClimate #SchoolCulture #onted

673 days ago @fordnation Ford Gov got comprehensive report on how to tear down barriers in schools impeding 330,000 students with disabilities. No reforms announced! Kids with disabilities deserve better!… #AODA #accessibility #OntEd

673 days ago @fordnation Ford Gov got comprehensive report on how to tear down barriers in schools impeding 330,000 students with disabilities. No reforms announced! Kids with disabilities deserve better!… #AODA #accessibility #OntEd

Hey @codymwelton your boss is destroying an entire province a busy as long as you and #brivana are collecting a pay cheque it doesn’t matter, eh? Hey @fordnation great selects as staff. @MaritStiles #onpoli #onted…

Happy 10th Anniversary! I’m sorry we live in a province, Ontario, where 1/3 of its students (600K+ students!) through @CatholicEdu boards are taught that your love, which is beautiful, is evil to them. I’m working hard to change that, to #StopTheCatholicHarm in #OntEd.…

It’s not anti-Catholic to #EndCatholicSchoolBoards in #OntEd. It’s anti-children to allow ON Catholic school boards to teach, as they currently do, that 2SLGBTQI+ persons are negatively different than non-2SLGBTQI+ persons. @OntarioNDP @OntarioGreens @OntLiberal @OntarioPCParty

Staffing shortages put educators in survival mode where it’s difficult to go the extra mile when they find themselves carrying heavier burdens every day. #onted #cdned #edchat

#onted #ldnont many are wondering why they keep getting sick in schools....…

@spaikin @OntarioGreens @OntarioNDP The Green Party is a bourgeois party just as right wing and bankrupt as the PC’s, Liberals and NDP. The entire political establishment is moving quickly to the right exemplified by the govt implementing Nazi propaganda about the Holodomor in the curriculum #onpoli #onted

The World Socialist Web Site defends the right of all to freely protest the imperialist-backed genocide in Gaza and rejects the slander that those who oppose the Zionist regime in Israel and support a ceasefire are antisemitic. #TOpoli #onpoli #onted…

#COVIDisAirborne. This is terrible for heart & lungs. SARS-COVID causes cardiovascular & thromboembolic disease, mortality. Virus RNA stores itself in heart plaque, potentially for years, causing cytokine inflammation. Yikes.… #MaskUp #onted #onpoli…

So, in grade 4 at the WCDSB, students receive a copy of the Bible. Genesis 19:33-36 and Judges 19:1-30 is fine for grade 4, but a story about a princess with two dads has to be hidden away. Interesting standards, @WaterlooCDSB! #Library #ShadowBan #QueerYouthDefence #OntEd

When did you know it was time to remain in education but not work directly with students in the classroom? #onted #edchat

So @ETFOeducators settles & sick days and long term days are touched, yet they are always first to say that @OECTAProv is the first to settle. @OECTAProv isn’t settling yet bc they know etfo is settling with sick days cut and hybrid still there. Ur union isn’t on ur side! #onted

Which is it. Politics in schools or politics out of schools? #OntEd

I like to find ways to get students motivated and excited about learning. One way to do this is to change up the usual routine and add some fun and interesting activities to the school day. Find 12 engaging activity ideas here. #onted #2ndaryela

I wonder if @Sflecce will use the casino that we know #dipshitdoug is building at Ontario Place as a coop for math classes. What a better way to learn to count to 21 #onted

This book list has eight books perfect for Grade 6 readers. There are stories of space, friendship, animals, and more. Read it here: #teachers #2ndaryELA #education #teachertips #onted

Some parents call for metal detectors and more security at Hamilton school after the second lockdown in two days. #Onted #edchat…

In this blog post, I’m going over why you should teach cursive writing in your classroom and enjoyable ways to implement it. Learn more here: #teachers #2ndaryELA #education #teachertips #onted

Hey bestie @Sflecce - noticed you posted about the bomb threats and the work the opp did. You still haven’t acknowledged the violence in our schools. 2 days in a row a #hampnt school has been in lockdown for weapons issues. When will enough be enough? How many deaths? #onted

You don’t mean “all kids” in #onted you mean neurotypical learners who do not require supports to achieve.…

Does that mean that us #onted injured educators can sue you for your negligence in failing to provide better supports to, at least try to, decrease the violence in our schools? #onpoli…

#onted parents and teachers shouldn't be paying the bill. Tell @fordnation and @Sflecce to invest in schools. #CatholicTeachers #KnowMore #onpoli Add your voice ➡…

#kahootcup2023 was a blast today! So much excitement competing with classes in USA, Poland, Greece and more! #globaled #onted #dpcdsb

“Ontario’s university funding model is simply less funding, year after year.” @CCPA_Ont’s new, detailed analysis on how Ontario has aggressively and consistently cut university funding - more than any other province. #onted, #onpoli #CdnPSE…

Next on Lecce’s radar: a teacher reading test, because teachers can’t read either, apparently. #onted 🙄…

"As a society we have become impatient with the need for immediate results rather than seeing the growth happening everyday. Is it possible to help everyone to shift their focus?" from my personal blog reporting for duty… #onted

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