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NO ONE CARES ABOUT SCHOFIELD! R4…where journalism goes to die. #r4today

He (Schofield) doesn't understand the "relentless nature" of the press. Precisely, neither do @BBCr4today listeners. Stop it now! Or lose more listeners. #r4today

Recorded and edited story about Schofield coming>>> #r4today Get it yet?

Schofield very sorry for … Having lost his job 😢 Get over it. Go on holiday. Get a new job. 🤣 #r4today

Hey R4 what are you trying to achieve with the Schofield interview? #r4today

South Africa 🇿🇦 Basic essentials control mechanisms, rationing water. #r4today #gmb #BBCBreakfast #LBC…

Phillip Schofield on #R4Today is the ultimate media navel gazing. He, This Morning, the story, is just not relevant or important.

Creepy lying narcissist trying to save his own skin when caught grooming ? Yesterday it was Tate given the oxygen of publicity, Vile. #r4today

The Covid inquiry has been going for ten months already, and published a hell of a lot of stuff. Here's Johnson writing to Hallett requesting time to arrange funding for his new legal team.… #r4today @BBCr4today

#r4today Suddenly we all know why we have the Left in the state they are in today.…

#r4today more Schofield shit. @BBCNews refuses to discuss complaints about their news priorities

I can't listen to this rubbish on @BBCr4today about some minor celebrity. I'm turning off and seeking actual news elsewhere. #r4today

Sweden 🇸🇪 "Illegal migrant" savagely [email protected] nine years old girl, swift recovery.🙏 Liberal woke hypocrite defenders, let this shocking image sink in. #RefugeesWelcome @AntiRacismDay #r4today #GBNews #lbc #gmb #KayBurley…

Just stop it. This Schofield stuff is not headline news. The cabinet not handing over Johnson's diaries and messages is a serious issue. Concentrate on this. #ToryCovidCoverUp #r4today

What sort of organisation is uk gov running, using uk gov accounts to do private conversations, nonsense. #r4today

Questions #R4Today should have been asked during the worst of Covid-19

Can't really say I'm shocked that BBC has put an interview with Phillip Schofield at the top of their news bulletins but it's further evidence of how far down the tabloid route #bbcnews has gone. (There's hardly a lack of more serious news). #r4today @BBCNews @BBCr4today

#r4today surprised, after 13 years, the Tory Government is useless.

Editors of #r4today will probably change the name of the show to 'I'm A Minor Celebrity-Get Me Out Of Here' judging by the contents of the headlines.

@1957AJB @RishiSunak @BBCr4today #r4today Tabloid journalism on a once serious programme. The ship sinks.

“…some of the papers and networks who are making the most noise, predictably, have the most to cover up themselves. There's barely an organisation going that hasn't got a similar skeleton in its closet.” #r4today #Schofield

Any R4 sports Reporter, many will have lost money on your horse tips yesterday, will you be refunding them as you gave no warning of the risks of gambling. #r4today

Apparently, it's #fishandchips day. Apart from spoons last high st chippy was nearly £10. #GBNews #BBCBreakfast #GMB #r4today

I can't wait to hear Mick Lynch tell Martha his favourite tree. #r4today

@BBCr4today @JustinOnWeb @Marthakearney @amolrajan Not sure if @BBCNews listeners are concerned with the collapsing career of an ITV daytime presenter - especially when there is real news to be debated. #r4today @BBCr4today

May 2021 was a busy time: - Johnson announced a Covid inquiry (which didn't actually begin until July 2022, when he approved the terms of reference) - Johnson was finally persuaded to switch to a secure phone account - Robbie Gibb joined the BBC board #r4today @BBCr4today

Zombie companies, tell PM that his tech revolution where tax payer is picking up the tab for these start ups is going to leave us with a large bill in these high interest times. Not that he cares #r4today

Apple will lose money on VR and Machine Learning makes money INSTANTLY so Apple is on a loser. AI makes no money, Machine learning is a cash cow. I'm using CPT4 and it has real capabilities in the real world. #r4today

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