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@GraphicMatt @TorontoStar Math isn't something the @OntarioNDP or @liberal_party concern themselves with. Didn't #Trudeau say that the "budget will take care of itself"? #OliviaChow doesn't believe in math either. Her old ideas aren't what #Toronto needs in the here-and-now. #TOpoli

@Bret_Sears @auntiemlin @PierrePoilievre @CPC_HQ @JustinTrudeau In true dictator fashion #Trudeau says "my government" not our government or the peoples government. @liberal_party #Canada

Hey #Cafreeland & #Trudeau Canada is not even on the first 10 slots. India tops and even Nigeria is ahead of Canada. #TrudeauCorruption…

These Top 5 are constants. (Sometimes there is fluctuation (i.e. EUR or USD #1 for a period), but for as long as I have been looking they’re always the highest-value.) #Trudeau’s homes; dilapidated. #Poilievre’s home; borderline dilapidated. GoC? “#Zelensky!” @CharlieAngusNDP…

#Canadian troops forced to buy their own helmets and meals in #Latvia after #Trudeau government fails to provide either, yet $ 1.5 Million are given to the #LGBTIQ for additional security during #pride events HANG TH4T TRAITOR !!…

@SenatorSalma PM Justoinette #Trudeau treats Muslims in general and your compatriot #Pakistani Canadians in particular as a "Sari-Samosa-Selfie" community. Do an audit of his ethnic minority cabinet appointments over his 3 consecutive governments. #cdnpoli @liberal_party @MACNational #onpoli

#DavidJohnston Faces MPs' Questions on Election Meddling Report and Allegations of Unfitness due to Connections with PM #Trudeau.

@SenatorSalma Senator, You should start at the TOP when investigating #Islamophobia in #Canada. Start with federal government. There is NOT a single #Muslim woman in PM Justoinette #Trudeau's cabinet. He has NOT appointed any Muslim woman to any position of power, prestige, privilege. #cdnpoli

@SteveScho54 @Panopticonomy Completely irrelevant! Harper hasn’t been in power for almost 9yrs!!! Time to quit blaming & take action. #Trudeau has done NOTHING to change that, & has only made matters worse. Not to mention he blocks every attempt to find out what’s happened with #China & our elections.

@merry123459 @rt64huss The truth is PP said #Trudeau left in the middle of the year and couldn't remember why. To go where you went must mean you heard the rumors and believe they could be true

Fraser Institute says #Trudeau emissions cap 'all pain with no gain' . No surprise. Nothing more than vapid and expensive virtue signalling to clueless Canadian #Liberals… via @WSOnlineNews

When I hear Freeland say that they're trying to help Canadians by increasing the trade workers' tool credit, I'm reminded of liberal incompetence. In what world does allowing me to receive a few hundred bucks in exchange for paying out thousands extra make that better. #Trudeau

How much do I get from Canadian government if I host a couple of refugees ? Honest ask. #canpoli #Trudeau

@Concern70732755 The women who resisted the tyrants are extremists. #cdnpoli How about a campaign featuring these women - who dared oppose #Trudeau’s policies? @CPC_HQ Get ahead of the bullies. Why not highlight how Liberals destroyed our economy for decades by imposing unscientific lockdowns?

In Canada, Uncle Xi’s paid for idiot #Trudeau is already setting up the underpinnings of a surveillance system without much push back. Trudeau may be an idiot, but he has the power of the #CCP driving his surveillance state fantasy. @RexMurphy1 @PierrePoilievre @CPC_HQ #cdnpoli…

@TheHillTimes @HarrisAuthor So is #Trudeau’s manipulation of the whole affair . Lets talk about the Vote in the House of Commons . Hmm isn’t that democracy!!! #Ottawa #cdnpolitics #Johnston

@brianlilley Because the #budget would pass a vote, right? He doesn't want it passed. #cdnpoli #Poilievre #Trudeau

For every action, there is a reaction. You're unleashing the criminals to wreck more havoc in society. An irresponsible call to fire employees. You've also put a target on every customer shopping in your stores. Ah, but you're #Canadian -so #Trudeau ish of you. #CalvinMcDonald

@Agenzia_Ansa #Trudeau ha già detto che è seriamente preoccupato per la situazione in Afghanistan?

The most important takeaway from this graphic is that deaths outnumber births by a significant amount; most families can't afford to raise more than 1 child due to high taxes and the #CostOfLivingCrisis created by #Trudeau. #CDNpoli #CANpoli #TrudeauMustGo…

@WeAreCanProud Who believes this report! From another #Trudeau appointed, bought and paid for reviewer?

I'm surprised #Trudeau hasn't tried to blame this on carbon emissions/greenhouse gases, requiring an immediate and huge increase in his #CarbonTax! #TrudeauDestroyingCanada #TrudeauMustGo #TaxGrab #CDNpoli #CANpoli…

@TheTorontoSun If Fact hurt your Feelings - there is a problem with You. Facts are facts. There is only One Truth. If it makes you squirm to see and hear the Facts about #Trudeau - in pictures, print and his actions - how can you keep supporting him.

Quanto ci meriteremmo uno così dio mio….. #Trudeau, cultura competenza garbo, testa pensante, senso delle istituzioni, sguardo al futuro e due coglioni così!!! E da noi????…..solo i coglioni…

@acoyne #Trudeau🤬 Has never cared for our Canadian Troops 😥for some damn reason... you're an embarrassment to all Trudeau get off your ass and help out our troops👊🇨🇦🍁🙏🏻🙏🙏🏽🚨🚨🚨🚨

Sodom and Gomorrah is trending, and practically the entire USA🌎 is under a smoke advisory. Manifestations everywhere now.😬 I'll probably be coughing all day.🙄 Thanks, Justin, you pathetic dweeb. #Canada #USA #Trudeau

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